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Managing new connections, upgrades and ongoing costs.

How can we help you?

Critical in many of our projects is the utility requirement, whether it be an upgrade of existing services or the provision of a new connection, the costs and hassle factor is often overlooked. UK Workspace have procured and planned power connections from 6MVA to fuse upgrades, from a small gas supply to an industrial supply for commercial heating. As with most things the key is in the planning to establish the requirements, the timescales and what is actually available from the local grid.

Our advice is to approach the utility requirements as one of the first elements in a project cycle. UK Workspace would calculate your requirements, carry out the network investigation, procurement and manage the installation so it dovetails with the project programme.

In addition we help our clients manage their ongoing utility costs ensuring they are on the correct contract and tariffs.

Our key services:

  • New electricity connections
  • Upgrade of existing electrical connections
  • New gas supplies
  • Upgrade of existing gas supplies
  • Contract procurement - Ensuring you are paying the right price for your supply contract

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