How to future-proof your business through intelligent design

Let’s face it - your current office layout is bland, isn’t it?

If the answer is yes, it’s time you invested in a sleek, modern workspace. The only problem: in just a few years time your new office may once again have become outdated - and so the costly exercise repeats. With employee needs evolving with new technology, working habits and systems, leading interior designers have to think two or three steps ahead when future-proofing designs. With our finger on the pulse, we’ve selected our top tips to get you started.

Making space work harder

You essentially start with a blank canvas, an area of space that you can bring to life however you please. With businesses cutting back on expensive retail and office space, it’s important to make the most of what you have. However, there needs to be enough space in the office for employees to move around comfortably in the working environment. What’s needed is a careful manipulation of space.

A challenging aspect is designing a space that serves multiple purposes. What if your break out area could quickly transform into a collaborative meeting area with drop down presentation screens and mobile seating? Or how about using pull-out storage walls to partition a room when necessary while maximising function? Here, a little creative thinking goes a long way. 

Designing for growth

So, you’ve created your quirky office look and installed an area with beanbags and pool tables. Great start! However, have you thought about how your office will look in 5 years’ time when you’ve expanded your resources? Open plan offices can bring a positive vibe to your working culture whilst incorporating a lighter space and social atmosphere. They also allow for more desks to be fitted should more people be employed. 

Furthermore, as technology advances, smaller desktop computers and laptops are becoming more popular. Similarly, most offices are de-cluttering their space and cutting down on paperwork. This means users need less desk space and can hot-desk when necessary, optimising the room available when you do expand. 


Most offices are behind the times. Shoot into the 21st century by updating your technology to meet changing needs. From dual monitors for computers, to HD presentation equipment, and interactive whiteboards, technology can help you work more professionally and more effectively. You will need to adapt your office design to meet these new demands, too. 

Examples of this are fitting out your space with plugs almost anywhere so that workers can take their laptop and sit on a bean bag on the floor for creativity. You could also set up laptop ports that anyone can plug into when the need calls. This means you can set up different workstations for different needs, sharing high-spec technology when needed rather than buying everyone a costly upgrade. 

A culture that lasts

Splash your brand’s personality all over the walls. Create a great first impression when your clients enter your office and show them why they should trust you. Forward-thinking businesses embrace branding in the office to help build their unique culture. Just look at the new spaces designed by Google and Facebook as examples. This is all about creating a good experience. Employees spend 5 days a week, 8 hours a day working and an engaging design can really help to maintain productivity. Don’t forget, a happy workforce is likely to stay longer, retaining much needed skills for your business’s future health.

Here at UK Workspace we offer a refreshing and enjoyable way of working and our ethos is all about clarity and transparency. We provide a bespoke service to all our clients based on their individual needs, creating inspirational designs, constructed to budget and delivering a hassle free solution.
Ready for a design and build that ensures your office is future proofed for years to come? Then call us today on 0844 463 9701, or send us an email at for more information.


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