How office design consultancy really works

When managing a design/build project, having a consultant who understands your needs can be make or break. In this blog we give a quick rundown of workplace consultancy basics and introduce best practices you should consider. So, if you are wondering where to start, read on.

First, what is workplace consultancy?

Workplace consultancy is used to define what you want from your new office space and how you can turn this into a reality. Consultants look at workplace habits, available space and needs. They aim to develop an understanding of your organisation, goals and ambitions. In turn, this allows the consultant to figure out how your space could be used more effectively and what can be improved. Suggestions will then be made to move forward and create a solution.

With clients at the heart of every movement and decision, the following are integral to analysis when it comes to the consultancy process before implementation:

  • Executive vision
  • Employee experience survey
  • Space utilisation audit
  • Interviews and stakeholder workshops
  • Concept space plans
  • Business case recommendation / ROI
  • Implementation

So, when is the right time to introduce workplace consultancy? Below, we look at the most common reasons why clients hire a consultant.

Business Change/Transformation

Consultancy helps you to think about futureproofing your office. The infrastructure that is currently in place needs to be ready for the years ahead. Creating growth plans with an eye on expansion, technology and workforce are all key elements to designing an office for the future.

For example, research shows that desk occupation is rarely over 50%. Typically, a flexible working space can help a business save between 15%-35% on real estate costs. This may help a business to decide on whether to introduce hot desking as part of their growth plans.

A need to improve employee attraction and retention

There is more choice than ever before for workers. Therefore, thinking about the benefits that an office can offer is important. Workplace consultancy can help your business reduce the number of sick days employees have. Did you know that sick days cost an average of £120,000 for a medium-sized business? Consultancy helps to create an environment where staff are happy and want to come to work. There is a reason everyone wants to work for Google!

A need to improve collaboration and team working

Are there plenty of closed spaces within your office? Maybe it is time to look towards an open plan office to assist with collaboration. A consultancy process will help decipher areas which could be used for collaboration and detail plans on how to implement this transformation.

Solutions to these may involved flexible working, an open plan design, hot desking, deciding on new ways of working and more!

Get in touch with us today to see how we can assist you when it comes to re-designing your office. Our workplace consultants will appraise special and operational requirements to ensure the correct selection of space or property.

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