Golden rules to office design and boosting your business

Employees spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the office; therefore a bleak, grey design is unlikely to inspire creativity and encourage your workforce to be productive. According to a recent study, ‘25% of employees who took part said that the interior office fit out was hindering their performance. Whilst over half of those who took part said that their performance would improve if their office was designed to fit their needs’ ( It is essential for employees to be productive and feel proactive to bringing in new business and going beyond expectations for clients. 

However, it’s not just employees that need to be considered during the design process of a fresh office fit out, it’s everyone else. Clients and suppliers are more than likely to come to your office at some point for a meeting. First impressions count, and your office layout and design need to make a statement about your brand. A professional, sleek design reflects your core business values. 

There are five golden rules when it comes to office design:

  1. Rethink your space - The chameleon-like nature of the office environment continues to change at a rapid pace. As the workplace continues to morph into collaborative spaces with a strong focus on interior design and technology-based functions and features, a new look in the office could be what you need. 
  2. Define different areas - Workplaces now combine open plan concepts with smaller collaborative relaxation spaces built-in. This desire for replacing the traditional ‘grey’ office cubicle is being driven by the millennial generation and is filtering through to all types of office spaces. 
  3. Plan for now and the future – The recommended area per person in the office is 150 sq feet, this space is the general guidance to how much room an employee requires to be able to work comfortably. Taking this into consideration, it is important to future proof when incorporating a modern design. For example, planning for extra space, should more people be employed. 
  4. Integrate employee wellbeing – Installing correct lighting and creating an eco friendly environment by placing plants around the office are a couple of key features to enhance wellbeing. ‘Communal design solutions reflect the growth of millennial in the workplace, along with the rise of trends such as sustainability, comfort and wellbeing’ (Bi-Silque CEO Andre Vasconcelose). Break out zones can help to get employees away from the stresses of work for a while, not only this, but they can help to enhance creativity.
  5. Put your stamp on it – Your office design should reflect your corporate values and brand identity. Create a sleek and clean image with your brands colours, and make your space stand out from the crowd. 

By sticking to these key rules, you are on the way to making a great first impression for new business and boosting your business. Call us today on 0844 463 9701 or email us at to see how we can help you with your office fit out and design.


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