A fully functional ergonomic workspace

Did you know you spend longer in your office chair every day than you would on a flight to New York?

It’s time to make a change.

It’s no surprise that just two hours of sitting at a desk puts you in a slump. You are probably not sitting comfortably right now, but comfort at work is an issue so often overlooked. A third of employees has suffered from work related ailments, such as back and neck problems, at some point in their careers.

Not only is this bad for morale, it also has a profound effect on productivity. In this day and age, there’s no reason why this should be the case. This is where ergonomics comes into the conversation.

Ergonomics flips the old attitude of fit-user-to-furniture on its head. Instead, it designs the workplace environment around the user. So, while many companies view quality desks and chairs as optional, the ergonomic office says it’s essential. It’s time to start thinking about making the workspace fit the person, not the person fit the workspace.

Making the workplace safe, healthy and productive

These days, employees are working longer days in the office. Sedentary lifestyles like this have been proven to have disastrous effects on health. While all companies have a legal obligation to protect their employees in the workplace, ergonomics goes so much further.

Today, the most forward-thinking companies acknowledge that people are their biggest assets. Because of this, they go to great lengths to understand the importance of optimising their performance. The benefits of ergonomics go hand-in-hand. A healthy workforce is more engaged, more productive and more motivated. Not only this, they are more likely to stay in work. This cuts the cost of training new employees.

To get the most of these benefits, you need to look beyond just chairs and desks. Complete ergonomics go right back to design and build.

Once the structure of the building has been established, with sound space planning, the fit out of the space is the next crucial element. Whether the space is large or small, it is about adapting these spaces to meet your employee’s needs.

How our furniture can help

At UK Workspace, we design and build options that take care of every detail. Whether this is through our bespoke desks, seating or reception counters, we focus on putting ergonomics centre stage. 

Most businesses start by preventing back tension. We can design bespoke furniture for your fit that guarantees the chair can adjust to the appropriate height. This keeps your employee’s feet flat on the floor and ensures that the back of the knees do not touch the seat. 

This can be achieved with a fully supported chair back, a five-pronged base on casters for stability, as well as fabric coverings that are durable and permeable to dissipate moisture and heat. This will provide support and encourage movement for improved posture, circulation and comfort.

When you are looking to choose the right furniture for your staff, your company image and your budget, you need to make informed decisions. UK Workspace is an experienced furniture dealer with a wide range of products to offer. The majority of which are made in the UK with a minimum 5-year guarantee. 

The industry offers a myriad of options, so if you would prefer a consultative approach, we are here to help. Call us on 0844 463 9701 or email us at for further information.


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